Memories are made of the sea

south of Mevagissey

Cornish coastline to the south of Mevagissey

From when I was a small child I was lucky enough to spend holidays in Cornwall.  We always went to my grandmothers house which was where my mother and her brothers went as evacuees from London during the Second World War.  We spent some of our summer holidays there each year.  It gave me fond memories and because we were so close to the sea and the beach I remember the salty air, the view of the sea, the sand, cliff walks and ice-cream and cider ice lollies for some reason!  With this in mind Skysail is a modern version of the old house we stayed in where as a child my memories were made and are with me today.  I want all the children who stay at Skysail to feel that same connection with Cornwall for all the right reasons.  Yes there is Eden and the attractions, but at Skysail you can see the ships passing and try to identify the name on the bow,  all sorts of ships pass by including  cargo carriers and sometimes military.feet on sand  On a weekend you can see the canoes going out for a row in the bay starting out from Portmellon Beach.  Each morning you can hear the small engines of the fishing boats heading out for the days fishing.   There is an immediate connection with the sea, its all around you when you are in the house and it draws you to want to look at the amazing sea view continually.  Enjoy and dip your toe in the sea! Make your own cornish memories.

cornishmanMemories are made of the sea

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